HeatJet a Powerful TopBox, specifically designed to keep anything inside HeatJet in any condition.

Specifically designed for Food Deliveries

Introducing the HeatJet

A revolutionary delivery box designed by Onijet to redefine the food delivery experience

This portable and innovative solution is tailored to address a common challenge faced by food delivery professionals – keeping the food hot and appetizing during the entire delivery process. Built with precision and practicality in mind, the HeatJet is a game-changer in the food delivery industry.

One of HeatJet’s standout features is its temperature-regulated design. The box is equipped with a robust heating engine that ensures the food stays warm and preserves its quality until it reaches the customer. The heated layer, fully insulated, acts as a thermal barrier, creating an environment that optimally maintains the desired temperature. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also elevates the reputation of restaurants, as their delivered meals consistently arrive in perfect condition.

A revolutionary delivery box

Built with precision and practicality in mind, the HeatJet is a game-changer in the food delivery industry.


In our pursuit of excellence

The box is equipped with a robust heating engine

The box is equipped with a robust heating engine that ensures the food stays warm and preserves its quality until it reaches the customer. The heated layer, fully insulated, acts as a thermal barrier, creating an environment that optimally maintains the desired temperature. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also elevates the reputation of restaurants, as their delivered meals consistently arrive in perfect condition.

To enhance the safety and convenience of the delivery process, the HeatJet is equipped with two trays featuring LED lights. These lights serve a dual purpose: illuminating the contents of the box for increased visibility in low-light conditions and adding a layer of sophistication to the delivery presentation. The box can be securely locked, ensuring the food remains intact and tamper-free until it reaches its destination.

Innovative remote control functionality

Beyond conventional delivery boxes

This feature allows food delivery professionals to regulate the box’s temperature and monitor its status remotely. By providing this level of control, Onijet empowers delivery riders to focus on the ride itself, ensuring that the food arrives hot and tasty, regardless of external factors.

This device is not only a technological marvel but also an environmentally conscious solution. The HeatJet features a battery that allows it to operate independently, reducing the need for constant power sources. Simultaneously, it can be effortlessly connected to the power from the motorbike, ensuring a consistent power supply during the entire delivery journey.

Build to Heat

The HeatJet is a motorcycle Heating box. With a need today for the methods of transportation used in food deliveries. The HeatJet can Pizzas, Sandwiches, Hanburgers or any load that needs to be transported at a Hot temperature. The topbox uses a temperature controller to regulate the temperature across your trip with 3 levels power. The Box features high-grade and sturdy materials, Bluetooth features, and a battery mounted in the case that can be used when you need it. The top box uses a mount plate to recharge the topbox from the motorbike DC. Strong Safe and powerful, the HeatJet is the way to go. Focus on the ride with tasty food on deliveries.

What is a HeatJet?

Introducing HeatJet: Redefining Food Delivery with Revolutionary Hot Meal Preservation

In the ever-evolving landscape of food delivery, OniJet proudly presents HeatJet—a transformative solution designed to revolutionize the way we experience delivered cuisine. This groundbreaking motorcycle top box is not just a delivery accessory; it’s a culinary marvel, meticulously crafted to maintain food at the perfect temperature, preserving both taste and quality throughout the journey.

A Global Culinary Game-Changer: HeatJet is poised to rewrite the rules of food delivery, offering food professionals a reliable means to deliver hot and delectable meals to their valued customers, regardless of the challenges posed by external conditions or delivery distances. Say farewell to the problem of lukewarm deliveries, as HeatJet steps in to enhance taste, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Exploring the Unrivaled Features of HeatJet:

  1. JetBox Heating Engine: At the heart of HeatJet’s groundbreaking technology lies the JetBox heating engine, an innovative creation by OniJet. This powerful heating system ensures that your meals are maintained at the ideal serving temperature throughout the delivery process, guaranteeing that every bite is as mouthwatering as if it were served fresh from the restaurant.

  2. Adaptive Temperature Control: HeatJet is equipped with intelligent sensors that effortlessly adapt to the ever-changing external temperatures. This means that whether it’s scorching summer heat or chilly winter weather, your deliveries will arrive with a consistent level of warmth that delights the palate.

  3. Comprehensive Insulation: HeatJet boasts a fully insulated design, acting as a protective cocoon for your culinary creations. This insulation safeguards your dishes from the unpredictable elements while maintaining the desired temperature within, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction and culinary excellence.

  4. Remote Operation: HeatJet offers seamless remote control, enabling you to adjust settings, monitor the heating process, and track your deliveries all from the convenience of your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device. Efficiency and convenience are at your fingertips.

  5. Security and Safety: Acknowledging the importance of secure food transport, HeatJet is fortified with a reliable locking system. This ensures that your precious cargo reaches its destination unscathed and in perfect condition.

  6. Dual Compartments: The top box features two compartments, thoughtfully designed to accommodate various types of food, from pizzas to burgers and everything in between. This flexibility allows you to cater to a diverse range of culinary delights, expanding your menu offerings and customer base.

  7. Illuminated Convenience: With the built-in internal light, accessing your deliveries is effortless, even in low light conditions. Additionally, external marking LEDs further enhance visibility during nighttime deliveries, prioritizing safety.

  8. Trackability: HeatJet is equipped with cutting-edge tracking technology, affording you the ability to monitor deliveries with pinpoint accuracy. Keep your customers informed and ensure the punctuality of your culinary creations.

  9. Battery Power: HeatJet features a built-in battery capable of sustaining 45 minutes of operation, offering a reliable source of power for your deliveries. Moreover, it can be connected directly to the motorcycle’s battery, ensuring continuous operation and eliminating the concern of power shortages.

Culinary Excellence and Customer Satisfaction: HeatJet is a game-changer for food professionals, whether they represent renowned restaurants or private eateries. With HeatJet, customer satisfaction soars as the temperature and taste of their meals remain at the peak of perfection, replicating the dining experience within the restaurant itself.

Customer Satisfaction Meets Rider Safety: HeatJet provides the invaluable gift of enabling riders to focus on the safe and enjoyable aspects of their deliveries. No longer will they need to rush to prevent the food from cooling; instead, they can confidently navigate their routes, ensuring that every meal is served piping hot and with an undeniably delectable flavor.

A Prominent Culinary Investment: HeatJet is more than a delivery accessory; it’s an investment in the culinary world. It assures that meals are delivered with the same passion and quality with which they were created in the kitchen, ensuring that each bite is a memorable and delightful experience.

Welcome to a new era of food delivery, where hot and delicious meals are the norm. HeatJet, brought to you by OniJet, is here to revolutionize the way we experience delivered cuisine.

  • 3 Heat Insulated Layers
  • Bluetooth App Control
  • Anti Teft System
  • Pizza Tray Storage
  • Light inside Container
  • Quick Release Mechanism

HeatJet Can be keep Heating all the time on your ride, so your Food Delivery stay always Hot and un-interrupted until deliveries for Tasty Food.

Battery Life, the box can be portable for almost 40 Minutes, using the battery included. As soon as connected the battery can be charged in only 20 Minutes.

Powerful Engines: The HeatJet has been build around Powerful Engine with a heater layer around working simyltaneously. Working Simultaneously in very low temperatures or even in the coolest Conditions To keep anything between 26 Degrees to 60 Degrees

Making The industry better. Our study showed HeatJet can improve quality for food Transportation. Today Food deliveries are increasing rapidly and used by Mopeds and motorcycle. Helping customer receiving Hot Food and giving better quality of service to the restaurants and food industry.

Stay in Control!

Thanks to our OniJet App you can control all our products.

Our App give you all features needed to customise your experience from the product. Alerts about temperature. Time remaining. Safety look and more. Our Product can also be updated via The App. Our product feature even a tracking mode to track the transportation arround town or in case. Lost or Stolen you can track our products.

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