JetBox Hybrid is a portable cooled and heated Box, witch can be used at home, travel and leisure to Cool Food and Heat Food with his strong engines and technology onboard.

Specially designed for travel and leisure customers.

A revolutionary blend of cooling and heating capabilities in a portable, intelligent package.

Introducing JetBox Hybrid

JetBox Hybrid is not just a cooler; it’s a versatile thermal companion that adapts to your needs, providing powerful cooling, efficient heating, and the ability to do both simultaneously. With two robust JetBox engines, advanced temperature-sensing technology, and remote control capabilities, it sets a new standard for portable cooling and heating solutions.

Powerful Cooling and Heating: JetBox Hybrid combines the best of both worlds, offering powerful cooling and efficient heating in a single device. Whether you need to keep your items refreshingly chilled or maintain warmth during colder conditions, JetBox Hybrid has you covered. With its dual-mode functionality, it transforms the way you control temperature on the go.

Immersive Experience

Experience intelligent thermal control with JetBox Hybrid’s advanced temperature-sensing technology. The device can sense external temperatures and automatically adjust its cooling or heating power to maintain the optimal internal temperature.


In our pursuit of excellence

Consistently kept at the desired temperature, offering a seamless and efficient thermal experience.

Remote Control Convenience: Take full control of your thermal experience with JetBox Hybrid’s user-friendly remote control feature. From adjusting temperature settings to toggling between cooling and heating modes, users can effortlessly manage their thermal environment with the touch of a button. This remote control convenience enhances the user experience, providing personalized and hassle-free thermal management.

Versatile Power Options: JetBox Hybrid is designed for versatility in power sources, ensuring that you can maintain your preferred temperature anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on the road, at home, or outdoors, JetBox Hybrid can be powered through DC, AC, or its on-board battery. The flexibility to plug into various power outlets or rely on the on-board battery adds unmatched convenience for users on the move.

JetBox Hybrid maintains the robust construction and durability of its predecessor.

Compact Strength and Durability

Its compact size houses the strength and versatility needed for a wide range of thermal applications, making it the ideal companion for those who demand powerful and reliable thermal control.

Intelligent Thermal Control, Anywhere, Anytime: JetBox Hybrid is not just a thermal companion; it’s an intelligent solution that adapts to your dynamic lifestyle. From keeping items chilled on a warm day to providing warmth in colder conditions, JetBox Hybrid delivers a consistently comfortable experience. Its adaptability, strength, and intelligence make it the perfect companion for those who seek versatile thermal control on the go.

JetBox Hybrid: Thermal Intelligence Unleashed: Step into the future of portable thermal control with JetBox Hybrid. Powerful, adaptable, and intelligently designed, JetBox Hybrid is not just a thermal device; it’s a statement of innovation in thermal technology. Wherever your adventures take you, JetBox Hybrid ensures that your preferred temperature is always within reach. Thermal Intelligence Unleashed – that’s JetBox Hybrid.

Build to Cool & Heat

The JetBox Hybrid is a friendly Cooling and Heating box that can be taken anywhere or used stationnary similar to a a fridge or a Heating Box.

Whats make the JetBox different its is power and functionnality, It Use Dual JetBox Engines working simultuanously to have instant Cooling function and a heated casing to heat in an instant also. Transportable it will be your perfect companion for travel, camping or parties. Controlled via the app it fully bluetooth compatible. Fully insulated strong it can last. Featured with a 50 minutes battery it is portable and can also be plugged on DC at home or anywhere with the charger and a car charger also to be used in car for travel.

What is JetBox Hybrid?

Introducing JetBox Hybrid: Your Ultimate Portable Cooling and Heating Solution

In the world of versatile and efficient temperature control solutions, OniJet proudly presents JetBox Hybrid—a groundbreaking innovation designed to redefine the way we manage and preserve the temperature of our items, wherever and whenever we need it. JetBox Hybrid isn’t just a cooling or heating box; it’s a versatile marvel that allows you to enjoy the perfect temperature for your food, beverages, or other items, whether you’re camping, hosting a party, traveling, or simply looking for secure storage.

Key Features of JetBox Hybrid:

  1. Dual-Functionality: JetBox Hybrid offers both cooling and heating functions, making it an all-in-one solution for keeping your items at the ideal temperature. Whether you want to keep beverages refreshingly cool or food deliciously warm, JetBox Hybrid has you covered.

  2. Remote Control: Convenience is at your fingertips with JetBox Hybrid. You can control and monitor its settings remotely from your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device. Adjust the temperature, check on your items, and maintain the perfect conditions without leaving your seat.

  3. Onboard Battery: JetBox Hybrid features a built-in battery with a 45-minute lifespan, ensuring that you have power on the go. Additionally, it can be easily connected to various power sources, whether it’s your car or a power outlet at home, offering you continuous operation.

  4. Versatility and Portability: JetBox Hybrid is your versatile companion for a range of activities. Whether you’re out in the great outdoors, hosting a gathering, embarking on a road trip, or simply need reliable storage, JetBox Hybrid is ready for the task.

  5. Robust and Secure: Crafted to withstand various environments and conditions, JetBox Hybrid is robust, durable, and fully insulated. It’s designed to ensure the perfect temperature inside, regardless of external conditions. Moreover, it features a locking mechanism for added security and peace of mind.

  6. JetBox Engine Technology: JetBox Hybrid incorporates the advanced JetBox engine technology, developed by OniJet. These dual engines are capable of quickly and effectively heating or cooling your items to your desired temperature, guaranteeing exceptional performance.

Your Ultimate Temperature Control Solution:

JetBox Hybrid is not just a cooling or heating box; it’s your trusted companion for maintaining the perfect temperature for your items in any situation. With its dual functionality, onboard battery, remote control, and sturdy design, JetBox Hybrid is the ideal choice for those who demand precision in temperature management.

Join the OniJet Revolution:

OniJet is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that redefine convenience and functionality. JetBox Hybrid represents our commitment to providing you with the ultimate temperature control experience. Welcome to a new era in portable temperature management with JetBox Hybrid!

  • Dual JetBox Engines
  • 4 Insulating Layers
  • Light build System Inside
  • Can be powered by Main, or battery operated
  • Bluetooth Control Via App

JetBox Hybrid Can be to keep Cooling and Heating all the time on the main power, or it can be portable using the battery attached for 50 minutes of operating time.

Battery Life, the box can be portable for almost 60 Minutes, using the battery included. As soon as connected the battery can be charged in only 20 Minutes.

Powerful Engines: The JetBox has been build around 2 Powerful JetBox Engines and one heated layer. Working Simultaneously in very low temperatures and High temperatures, To keep anything between -10 Degrees to 40Degrees

Build for Home use, Travel Vans, Camping Cars, Camping, Fishing and leisure. One of our best and most loved product featuring elegant design and powerful features

Stay in Control!

Thanks to our OniJet App you can control all our products.

Our App give you all features needed to customise your experience from the product. Alerts about temperature. Time remaining. Safety look and more. Our Product can also be updated via The App. Our product feature even a tracking mode to track the transportation arround town or in case. Lost or Stolen you can track our products.

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