Medijet is a specific portable cooled box used for medical transport and emergency. It can with stand really accurate cooling temperature. Strong casing and transportable.

Specifically design for medical emergency transport.

Introducing Medijet

Crafted by Onijet to address critical needs in emergency medical services and healthcare logistics.

Medijet represents the pinnacle of medical cooling box technology, developed by the innovative minds at Onijet Research. This product stands as a testament to Onijet’s commitment to advancing medical logistics, providing a solution that is at the forefront of technological sophistication.

In critical missions where time is of the essence, Medijet by Onijet emerges as an indispensable asset for healthcare professionals. Its rapid cooling capabilities, mobility features, dual power source, and remote control functionality make it the ideal companion for transporting sensitive medical supplies in emergency situations. Medijet is not just a cooling box; it is a testament to Onijet’s dedication to advancing healthcare logistics, ensuring that medical professionals have the most advanced tools at their disposal when every second counts.


Technological Sophistication

Medijet represents the pinnacle of medical cooling box technology, developed by the innovative minds at Onijet Research. This product stands as a testament to Onijet’s commitment to advancing medical logistics, providing a solution that is at the forefront of technological sophistication.


In our pursuit of excellence

Crafted with durability in mind

Medijet features a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of emergency medical transport. Its resilience makes it an ideal companion for healthcare professionals facing urgent and demanding situations.

Medijet is equipped with advanced remote control functionality, allowing medical professionals to regulate and monitor the cooling box’s temperature, ensuring that the medical cargo remains in optimal condition throughout the journey.

With two batteries providing a total operational time of 60 minutes, Medijet ensures reliability and continuous functionality during critical missions. Additionally, the cooling box can be seamlessly plugged into both AC and DC power sources, offering versatility and adaptability to different environments.

Meticulously crafted by Onijet to address critical needs

Rapid Cooling Technology

Designed to transport blood, organs, and vaccines in urgent situations, Medijet stands out as an innovative solution that combines cutting-edge technology with practical features.

Medijet is equipped with powerful cooling engines capable of swiftly bringing the internal temperature to the required levels within minutes, ensuring that medical supplies maintain their integrity and efficacy during transportation.
Mobility and Transport Efficiency:

The cooling box is designed with wheels for easy and efficient transport, enabling medical professionals to swiftly navigate through emergency situations, from the helipad to the hospital, with precision.

Build for Medical Transport

MediJet is a unique Medical Transportation Box. Focusing on the need for medical attention and emergency. Its made to be use in emergency situation with the instant cooling fuction. Robust Body to be taken anywhere and put anywhere. Strong Insulation using 4 insulated layers. 60 Minutes Batteries with dual swap function with give ability to replace batteries without breaking the cooling function when time is a need. Fully bluetooth controled and featuring compartement storing, it can be used to transport organs, blood, vaccines or any medical content witch need specific attention. Made for Professionals MediJet is build to last.

What is Medijet?

Introducing MediJet: Your Lifesaving Companion in Critical Medical Transport

In the high-stakes world of medical emergencies, OniJet proudly presents MediJet—an extraordinary innovation designed specifically for professionals in the medical industry. When every moment counts, and lives hang in the balance, MediJet is your trusted companion, ensuring the safe and precise transportation of medicines, vaccines, organ transplants, and life-saving blood in the most critical and demanding situations.

Key Features of MediJet:

  1. Precision Temperature Control: MediJet is your guardian of temperature-sensitive medical cargo. It is engineered to maintain low temperatures required for the preservation of life-saving materials, even in the harshest of environments.

  2. Built for the Field: From the operating room to the helipad, MediJet is designed and constructed for use in rugged and demanding settings. When there’s no time to waste, MediJet is your ally in ensuring that medical supplies and specimens are kept in optimal condition.

  3. Portability and Mobility: With its portable design and robust wheels, MediJet can navigate even the most challenging terrain. It is ready to move swiftly from one critical point to another, without compromising the integrity of your vital cargo.

  4. Advanced Temperature Sensors: MediJet is equipped with warning sensors that alert you to temperature fluctuations and potential shocks, ensuring that you’re always informed and prepared.

  5. Adaptive Temperature Control: Thanks to sophisticated processors, MediJet can sense and adjust to external temperatures, guaranteeing that your medical cargo remains at the desired level, regardless of the conditions it encounters.

  6. Battery-Powered for Lifesaving Mobility: With a built-in battery that can last up to 60 minutes, and the option to attach two additional external batteries, MediJet ensures up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted operation. It is a portable powerhouse, ready to assist in emergencies.

  7. Bluetooth Control: Take full control with the convenience of Bluetooth technology. Monitor and adjust the settings of MediJet from your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device, ensuring precision and reliability.

  8. GPS Tracking: With an onboard tracker, MediJet allows you to monitor its precise location in real-time, ensuring that you’re always aware of the status and location of your life-saving cargo.

  9. Adaptable Compartments: MediJet features two versatile compartments on board, allowing you to adapt the space to your specific needs. Whether it’s organs for transplant, critical medication, or vital blood supplies, MediJet can accommodate your requirements.

  10. Illuminated Interior: The interior of MediJet is equipped with LED illumination, making it easy to access and manage your medical cargo, even in low-light conditions.

  11. JetBox Cooling Engines: With the power of two JetBox engines developed by OniJet, MediJet can maintain extremely low temperatures, regardless of the extreme conditions it faces outside. It’s a revolution in temperature control technology, ensuring that emergencies remain a top priority.

  12. Afterburn Function: The revolutionary afterburn function in MediJet enables it to start at low temperatures within three minutes, ready to perform without the need for ice or external cooling methods. It’s a groundbreaking feature that saves critical time in life-saving missions.

A Revolution to Save Lives:

MediJet is more than a medical transport solution; it’s a revolution in emergency and medical assistance. Whether you’re transporting life-saving cargo from operating rooms to helicopters, ambulances to the field, or from one critical point to another, MediJet is your ally, ensuring that medical professionals have the tools they need to save lives.

Join the OniJet Journey:

OniJet is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that redefine convenience and functionality. With MediJet, we aim to empower medical professionals and first responders with the tools they need to make a difference when it matters most. Welcome to a new era in medical transport with MediJet!

  • Dual JetBox Engines
  • Strong built Casing system
  • Bluetooth Control Via App
  • 5 Insulated layers
  • Instant Cool Function
  • Can be powered by Main or battery operated

Medijet Can be to keep Cooling all the time on the main power, or it can be portable using the battery attached for 1h20 minutes of operating time.

Battery Life, the box can be portable for almost 1h20 Minutes, using the battery included. As soon as connected the battery can be charged in only 30 Minutes.

Powerful Engines: The JetBox has been build around 2 Powerful JetBox Engines. Working Simultaneously in very low temperatures and High temperatures, To keep anything between -15 Degrees to 15 Degrees

Build for Medical Transportation and Emergency, Organ transports, medicine transports, blood transport and vaccine transport. One of our best and most loved product featuring elegant design and powerful features

Stay in Control!

Thanks to our OniJet App you can control all our products.

Our App give you all features needed to customise your experience from the product. Alerts about temperature. Time remaining. Safety look and more. Our Product can also be updated via The App. Our product feature even a tracking mode to track the transportation arround town or in case. Lost or Stolen you can track our products.

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